Coronavirus & Kettle Falls Hotel

Kettle Falls Hotel is in Voyageur's National Park, part of the US National Parks Service and is therefore governed by the US National Parks Administration guidelines for the Covid-19 pandemic during this time.

Please click here to go to the Voyageur's National Park website for more information.

(Current Status: Through the end of May, services at the Kettle Falls Hotel will be limited to sales of marina gas and portage services. Beyond May, services are likely to be limited.)


Kettle Falls Hotel and Kettle Falls are a remote spot on the Minnesota-Canadian border that has  a rich history spanning several hundred years. Native American Indians fished for sturgeon at the falls since the early 1700's.  French Voyageurs portaged their 26 foot canoes and packs of fur around the falls. Gold miners took steamers from here to Rainy Lake's gold fields in the 1800's.  Loggers brought millions of logs through the dam in the early part of the century.  During the 1920s, commercial fishermen auctioned off their catches in 100-pound boxes at the docks. During prohibition, bootleggers distilled and sold whiskey near the Hotel and surrounding areas. The Kettle Falls Hotel was constructed in 1910 by timber baron, Ed Rose but was reputedly financed by Madame Nellie Bly.  The William's family, beginning with Bob and 'Lil in 1918, operated the hotel for 70 years. Recognized for its significant contribution to regional history, the hotel was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976. The boundary between the U.S. and Canada runs through the middle of the Kettle Falls Dam. This unique geographic phenomenon allows a visitor to stand on United States soil and look "south" into Canada. The overlook near the Dam is a great place to do this so bring your camera.

Kettle Falls Hotel is a very remote location and approximately 15 miles from the nearest road. 

Internet connections have improved,
cell phone service and marine radios are our way to communicate with the world.

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Snail mail - Kettle Falls Hotel, 10518 Gamma Road  Kabetogama, MN  56669
May 1 thru October 1 - 218-240-1724 or 218-240-1726
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